Navisyo’s Heroes Fund is helping police, firefighters, teachers, military and
medical professionals purchase their first home on the water, anywhere in
the USA and Canada.

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who we are

The Navisyo Group was founded in 2020, in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, with the intention of providing innovative and customized solutions, to remedy the health, safety and financial impacts of the Covid-19 crisis.


Redefining Reality

A selection of luxurious and eco-friendly houseboats for cost-efficient and autonomous living, on all waterways, around the globe.

Redefining Lodging

An exclusive collection of authentic Floatel stays around the world, handpicked and managed by the Navisyo Corporation.


Since its creation, the Navisyo Group has substantially grown, with more than 1200 investors, from 50 countries, investing in the Navisyo revenue sharing business model – in only 6 months, over $1.1 million was raised on the Wefunder crowdfunding platform.

Following Navisyo Group’s huge fundraising success and due to increasing demand, the Navisyo Group just recently since December 1st, 2021 granted an ultimate priced round – offering straight equity shares in the company. The pre-money vlauation of the company has been set at $25M.

what we do

Are you an everyday hero?

Police, firefighters, military, teachers, social workers and medical professionals are braving adversity, by selflessly putting their lives at risk for the safety and welfare of our community.

And can’t afford your own home?

Unfortunately, their battles do not end on the field, but continue to prevail in their personal lives too, as many struggle to purchase a home of their own due to high costs of real estate.

We at Navisyo are here to help

Navisyo intends to help and donate a $5,000 (per one household) grant to purchase a Navisyo home. Thus saving them thousands of dollars for an own and sustainable home!

what is a
navisyo home?

Ever wanted to buy a house but worry about your next move? What if you could bring your home with you and alleviate the stress of packing and unpacking each time?

It is a motorized boat that has been designed to be used as a home and that is considered to be realty property. A home you can move anywhere and anytime. Today, buyers have the opportunity to opt for smarter housing options, with an access to boundless living and traveling.

The Navisyo motorized home allows you to do just that: start fresh and relocate anywhere around the world.

Navisyo will donate a $5,000 grant towards the purchase of your
Navisyo Homes on the water.

Limited to one Navisyo Home per household.


1. Are you one of these everyday super hero and dreaming about having your own home? Would you love to live on the water?

2. Then fill out the form on Navisyo Homes, it is easy just like that!

3. We at Navisyo, would officially like to acknowledge, thank and support these frontline warriors for their dedication, sacrifice and courage!